There was this one part tonight during the Broadway talks thing where Nick was asked about A Little Bit Longer and how he basically began writing it since the night he went to the hospital. And now that he’s older what would the next verse be? And he got into this speech about believing in yourself and not letting others put you down. And how everything will be okay, because though his illness has gotten harder to deal with he tells himself he has to give it his all. He spoke about bullies and suicides and just kept repeating Believe In Yourself.It reminded me a bit of demi, the way he was giving advise and you better believe I was crying hahaha. There was also this one part where he started talking about celebs going through hard times in public and how he felt bad for them because being in the public eye is very stressful sometimes and I thought of demi again. Not that he was talking about her in specific but the way he showed how bad he felt made me feel like he was. And there was this girl who asked him what his ringtone was and he was like “What’s your ringtone?” And she screamed out a song by Demi I didn’t really hear her and he was like “Oh that’s not one of the song I wrote with her!” “Change your ringtone! I’m serious! Change it!” He was so funny. He also answered my question that I didn’t even remember I asked like 3 weeks ago and they called my name and I legit was lost didn’t know what was going on and you hear half the floor screaming “I KNOW HER” and the jordan guy (interviewer) thought I was with them so you just see my friends and I on the balcony screaming and he was just like laughing at us lol. But it was an amazing night , especially cause I paid $10 ahahaha. NOT THAT ANYONE CARES BUT YEAH GOODNIGHT :)

Sunday Mar 3 @ 11:44pm
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